I am sorry that there is still much Japanese.
It is from Japan. Welcome.I am  name of Mamedamaru.
I am housewife.I likes gardening.Our small house is filled with the plant.
I was raising a only flowesr until five years ago.
One day I made vegetables by the flowerpot.
I thought°As for the vegetables, it is difficult to make it.″
I wasn't doing an expectation.However, the thought was wrong.
Certainly,beautiful sold vegetables can't be made.There is much failure, too.
However, there is happiness of the harvest in the vegetables.
Vegetables can enjoy a taste.
  It can enjoy the personality of the color and the shape, too.
Vegetable making is pleasant.Even if it is made to laugh, it is given to me in the time.
How do you think?
Don't you try to enjoy life with the vegetables, with me?

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